Meet Mikal Blair. Im honored to feature her on This young lady is truly blessed.

Fellas yall can thank me later, I know.


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About Me
I LOVE photography! I love taking pictures and having pictures taken. Behind the scenes, behind the camera, it all is a passion of mine! I would love to persue my modeling which leads up to why I’m on this site! I love to look and learn from others, so if you have some advice or constructive critizism, I’m all ears! I love to meet new people and try new things. I am an adventurous person and try to live life on the edge somewhat. Nice to meet ya’ll!
TFP Shoots-

-I Only do Select TF with photographers I feel can creatively contribute to my portfolio
-For all TFs I ask that my photographer’s sign an mutural agreement just to ensure your work is protected just as well as my body :)
-If I am doing TF I ask that I receive all my photos on some type CD, File, Email or Flash drive at the end of the shoot. I will respect the photographer and not post or print until the photos are agreed on both parties

My Rules & Photographer Expectations-

-I expect you to be respectful as I will be to you
-I ask that you do complete photos within the time frame scheduled or let me know so I won’t have to continiously contact you
-Please let me know twenty four hours in advance if you cannot continue with the shoot
-We must confirm the shoot before time scheduled to arrive
-Photo CD, File, Email, or flash drive must be given at the end of the shoot
(To ensure I receive them, to agree apon what I like best as well as photographers opinion, to ensure I know I have them in my hands, ) once again I will respect photographer and not publish until agreed apon in both parties
- I DO NOT LIKE LAZY PHOTOGRAPHERS!!! If I’m Flexing you should be Following
- BE HONEST; If you don’t like a photo or the way I am posed or exposed TELL ME…we’ll fix it…remember where making MASTERPIECES
-I DO NOT give ALL RIGHTS to photographer we can share them YOUR CAMERA/MY BODY ( if this is a problem we do not need to shoot…sorry)

For All Shoot confirmations that are scheduled its is required that I and the photographer speak 24 hours before shoot or there will be no confirmation, therefor no shoot… Thanks :)

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Facebook: MzMikal Blair

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